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Bar Harbor, Maine


Pattern Happy - Maine

I cannot say enough good about Jim Hardison and Acadia Painting. He and his crew worked on my house on little cranberry island completely renovating and painting it. It was a miraculous transformation and truly a big job that even has me, as a seasoned renovator and designer, amazed.

Firstly, Jim and his team showed up reliably each day. That is an effort when one considers that they had to go out to sea each day to get there and bring all the materials. Jim and I communicated by photos via cellphone so that I got progress reports when I needed them. On the detail front, I tried to maintain the overall feel that the building had really been preserved, but truly we rebuilt the entire house with new wiring, electrical, and restructuring of the supports in the foundation. Jim's good advice and guidance gave me a first class job with no cutting of corners, and a fantastic "preserved' property that blends the new with the historic. Jim and the team completed wallpapered and painted the entire three story building, doing an expert job that is as good as any I’ve seen in New York. It was truly a pleasure to work with Jim, and I tell all my friends about him. Besides being good at his job, he is really a wonderful individual and completely trustworthy. Jim also has back up in the office through his accountant so the bills were comprehensible. All things ran smoothly for us and now the house shines. If you would like to inspect it sometime, please come out to see the work. It is an old hotel building on little cranberry, originally with 19 bedrooms. Now it is down to 8 bedrooms with 4 baths. In the old days it was called the Woodlawn Hotel. We are just wrapping up some wallpapering so that we can get it photographed for a national magazine. The work is that good!

John S. Knott

(Pictures by House Beautiful April, 2013)

2010 Testimonial - Maine

Another statisfied customer!